Bernard Lin

Plot Thickens

2006 Porsche Cayman S

The 2006 Porsche Cayman S (987.1) was the newest addition in the Porsche family in 2006. A 3.4 liter flat-6 with 295PS, Mid-Engined two seater sports car. Undoubtedly one of the best handling sports car that one can buy.

Reptile Power

Coming from the experience that I have only owned and driven a 4-door sedan, the driving experience in the Cayman S is simply, phenomenal. When my daily driver, a 1998 Nissan Maxima, can do 35~40 on my familiar off ramp while me inside feel like being tossed like a $8 salad I just bought at saladworks. The 06 IS250AWD with sway bars, stiffest coilover setting? same speed feeling spirited, still getting some body roll. But this, with the acceleration from 0-60 around 5.5 seconds and the help of mid-engined design by some genius in Stuttgart, it. is. fast.

But the thing is the term "fast" is very subjective. My mother feels fast whenever the car is over 3000rpm (yes no matter in what car, the louder the faster). But the engineers did a great job on the Cayman. Not only it is fast, but also perform very well on the curves. With the aid is a set of 235/35/19, 265/35/19 of Michelin PS2's, the car would instantly point anywhere you turn the steering wheel without you feeling the car is under/oversteering in any way.

With the option of PASM(Porsche Active Suspension Management), the suspension system of the car can be stiffen up with a push of a button. It certainly felt jumpier and stiffer than normal, not saying that normal setting is not stiff but it is in a pretty nice setting available for daily driving without losing comfortable ride.

The sports chrono option is also a great feature of the car. With a push of a button it changes the mapping of the throttle to a more aggressive feedback. To me the feature helps me do an easier heel-and-toe job on downshifting since the pedal configuration is somewhat difficult (or maybe I need more practice) to do a good heel-and-toe. When you push the "sport" button, the PASM function will also be activated, turning the whole car from defense to an aggressive and attack stance.

Funny thing about this car is its M97.1 engine. The engine is using the Intermediate Shaft Bearing design, the infamous "IMS" (google porsche IMS) bearing. Not only that, but also the Bore Scoring problem that one might potentially face in the M97.1 engines. These problems above are problems that might potentially destroy the engine block, resulting around 10k debt for a new engine.

But hey, not to worry, risks are low and you know what? Life is short to worry the unknown. Enjoy the good things in life. I don't regret at all getting this car at all. I look forward to the future with the accompany of this beautiful machine.