Bernard Lin

Plot Thickens

Lexus Performance Driving School at NJMP

Was lucky to join the Performance Driving School Event by Lexus. Got to drive the RC350 and IS350 on the AutoX and the GS-F or RC-F on the NJMP Lightning Track.

The day started with the AutoX, we all get to choose which car we wanted to go with. Most of us got 3 laps to have fun with. I went with the RC350 first.

Understeers, Understeers everywhere.

Took out a line of cones at the second turn. Probably added a good minute if this is a timed autox. The car doesn't like to be flicked around and it is much more front heavy than other cars. The steering feel is light, perhaps a little TOO light, doesn't feel precise on the handling.

But the IS350 is good. Really good.

Reminds me the last time I went to the BMW event driving. The IS350 is easily flickable, the car feels right and it gives good feedback when its being driven. Although the traction control system in BMW's are still a bit superior, Lexus has done a good tweaking on it and made it better than the 2nd gen IS. It used to be all throttle cutoff when it senses slip. But now it lets you slip a little bit and lets you accelerate a bit rather than cutting all off.

So yes, I would not mind getting a 3IS in the future.

After the autox comes to the real game. The Lightning Track.

Popped into manual mode, the V8 sounded really, really, really good.... I had the GS-F and is exactly what I wanted. The whole experience of the car is just great. Good power, sounds good and the brakes are phenomenal. Every downshift is perfectly done by the gearbox. Keeping the torque up on on high 5000 rpm is just the sweet spot to get the car going. With the right-left corner at lighting it shows how well the car is balanced and what the car is capable of.

Oh and the seats.... It feels really great that just holds you really well. Really well bolstered even the rear seats.

For 80K maybe its a bit overpriced, but I believe you can get one OTD for much less. I would give a 8.5 out of 10 for this car. Perfect driving experience.