Bernard Lin

Plot Thickens

Wekfest East 2014

WekFest has been hosting the East Coast even since 2012 and this is also my second time attending this event. Although there are plenty of cars that are similar or have attended previous events, but I just can't get tired of them every time I see it.

SARD Rear spoiler on a Lexus IS-F

Wide M3

Skyline GT-R's has always been one of the dream cars of tuners in USA. Personally, doesn't matter whether its the 32 33 or 34, they best represent Japan, the land of the rising sun.

Monstrous power plant
Amyn's V50 Wagon
According to Japanese Classics LLC, this is a 1986 Custom Nissan Sunny Truck 4 Speed with 39k miles. This is for the real hardcore JDM fans. But hey, I'd drive one ;)

If I were to appreciate the previous generation 3 series, it would be the E30 gen. So here's a manual E30 convertible.

What's 300 horses, grocery getter, family hauler, manual, and all wheel drive?

I love S2000's. But this, this is great.

See you next year Wekfest!